Purdance began as a dream to build a lifestyle dance complex where people who simply love to dance can unite and be transformed by movement, music and communal support. Now a reality, this studio is an artistic community for artists to engage their passions through creative exploration, freedom of self-expression, foundation of techniques and exposure to new styles and stimulating collaborations.

Once you step foot into Purdance, we hope any of your stresses are left at the door. We strive to create a happy and healthy dance culture that is supportive, respectful and fun. Our hope is that you always leave our studio refreshed and newly inspired.


Creativity. Diversity. Community. Culture.

  • Offering classical performing arts styles: Ballet, Contemporary, & Jazz

  • Featuring street styles: Hip Hop Choreography, House, Krumping, Locking, Popping, & K-Pop

  • Workshops, Performances, and our Purdance company, “Resplendance.”

  • Welcoming staff and atmosphere

  • Modern facility with a comfortable environment

  • Performance opportunities


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