Program Break Down by Curriculum

Purdance Performing Arts – Reaching artistic excellence.

Purdance Performing Arts provides instruction in a variety of dance styles at numerous skill levels in the realm of dance.

Classes offered: Acro, Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop, Musical Theater, and Turns & Leaps.

Purdance Urban – Mighty original.

Purdance Urban caters to the rich diversity in the hip hop world. The program’s intention is to bring excitement and creativity to the local dance community. It is a celebration of the amazing medley of dance styles which make up this cutting edge part of the dance culture. Purdance Urban is focused on hip hop dance education as well as new rising dance genres such as K-pop dance. Urban classes are designed to train students to build strong foundations and the fundamentals of each genre while bringing musicality and style to student movements. We strive to enrich our student’s artistic potential through the art of hip hop.

Classes offered: Hip Hop Fundamentals, Hip Hop Choreography, Breaking, House, K-pop, Krumping, Locking, Popping Foundation, Popping/Boogaloo/Strutting, and Waacking.

Purdance Fit – Feeling Alive.

Purdance Fit consists of energetic, exciting, and fun dance routines that are choreographed into a cardio workout. Classes are designed to work on strengthening your core and improving overall flexibility for a total body makeover.

Classes: Dance Rhythm, Stretching & Conditioning, U-jam, Yoga and Zumba. 


Program Break Down by Age

Purdance Children & Teens Program

The Purdance Children & Teens Program (CT Program) offers a variety of dance classes in our state of the art studios. The program is for students ages 18 months-18 years and runs from end of August through June. We offer introductory to advanced level classes. In the CT Program, children will study with highly trained and experienced dance teachers and choreographers.

Classes offered: Acrobatics, Ballet, Combo Classes, Contemporary, Creative Movement,  Jazz,  Hip Hop, Lyrical, Musical Theater, Tap, and Turns & Leaps.

Class Content & Levels

Baby Steps (Ages 18 months-3) / Class Length: 30 minutes

Baby Steps teaches creative movement. Children will explore developmentally appropriate movement with the use of props, musical instruments, and storytelling. These classes are often the first introduction to a dance class setting. The children will also be given the social benefits of an opportunity to work in groups.


      • Creative Movement
      • Mommy & Me
      • Baby Ballet I & II

Tippy Toes (Ages 3-8) / Class Length: 45 – 60 minutes

Tippy Toes classes focus on building and exploring concepts of dance: tempo, rhythm, line, movement quality and space awareness. Children will be introduced to tap, ballet, and jazz. Dancers will build their dance vocabulary and learn proper body alignment. Classes are structured to stimulate their curiosity and provide enriching opportunities for creative expression.


      • Combo I (Ages 3-4): Tap/Ballet
      • Combo II (Ages 4-5): Tap/Ballet/Jazz I
      • Combo III (Ages 5-6): Tap/Ballet/Jazz II
      • Tumbling II
      • Hip Hop Intro

Youth & Teens (Ages 6+) / Length: 60 minutes

Dynamic Youth & Teens classes are dedicated to teaching high quality technical dance training in a non-competitive and supportive environment. Classes will emphasize building strong dance technique as well as being aware of the importance of proper body placement and the joy of dance expression. Students will navigate new interests in dance genres, deepen existing skills and develop a positive body image. Dancers will begin a study of the different  dance styles by exploring a variety of dance genres.


      • Acrobatics
      • Ballet I, II, III, IV & V
      • Ballet Beg, Beg/Int Adv
      • Contemporary
      • Jazz
      • Hip Hop
      • Lyrical
      • Musical Theater
      • Tap
      • Turns & Leaps

Purdance Adults Program

The Purdance Adults Program is designed to cultivate artists, while offering the opportunity to engage with others who are a part of the dance community. The program’s intent is to foster the celebration of diversity through the art of dance.  The adult program runs more than 50 classes per week which are taught by professional dancers and choreographers.

Classes offered: Beginner to Professional levels in ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, and tap.

Levels & Dance Experience

      • All Levels (Mixed Levels): Teachers will adjust class contents and levels to students’ needs.
      • Absolute Beginner: 0 years of dance experience
      • Basic, Foundation, Fundamentals: 0-1 years dance training and no prior knowledge in dance terminology in the genre
      • Beginner: 1-2 years dance training and basic understanding of general dance terminology
      • Advanced Beginner: 2-3 years dance experience and an understanding of general dance terminology
      • Beginner/Intermediate: 3-5 years of dance experience
      • Intermediate: 4-5 years of dance experience
      • Advanced: 5+ years of dance experience, Semi-professional or professional