General Purdance Policies

We’re in This Together!

Our mission at Purdance is to create an environment that promotes our young students to discover and enjoy dance through a positive and healthy curriculum. Together, with your cooperation, we can cultivate a respectful atmosphere in the classes. If you have any questions about the following policies, our Purdance staff is happy to answer them.

  • No Street Shoes – Students are to bring indoor dance shoes and change into the shoes upon arrival at the studio. Street shoes are not permitted inside the studios because dirt and pebbles can create sharp, sticky and/or slippery hazards to fellow dancers.
    • Tap shoes need to be worn inside of the studio. For children under ages 7, parents can help them worn right before the class starts and guide them to the classrooms.
  • Lost & Found -Purdance is not liable for any loss or damages to your personal belongings.
  • Photography & Videography – It is understood that Purdance reserves the right to use any photography and/or videotaping of student performances for purposes of advertising and promotion of the studio. All ownership, copyright, title and interest in photography/videotaping belongs exclusively to Purdance.
  • Private Photography or Videotaping of class – Private photography or videotaping of class is strictly prohibited. Please respect the privacy and comfort of all involved and reserve your photography and videography for outside the studio.
  • No Food, Soft Drinks and Chewing Gum – There will be no food, soft drinks and chewing gum permitted in the studio. Bringing your own water bottle to class is allowed.
  • Arrival Time – Class will start promptly at the designated time. We suggest arriving 10 minutes early to check in at the front desk, change your shoes, use the restroom, warm up, and prepare yourself for class.
  • Level Tests – Level tests will be required in order to gain a teacher and a program manager’s approvals to take certain classes. Drop-in rates will be applied.
  • No Pets – Although we love your furry friends, our primary concern is to ensure the safety and health of all our dancers and Purdance staff. We ask that you do not bring any pets into the building.
  • Class Cancellations – Should there be any cancellation or changes to your regularly scheduled class time, we will do everything possible to notify you by phone, email, or other contact information that you have provided to us. Additionally, all class changes and cancellations will be posted on our website at
  • Physical Contact – Please be advised that the study of dance involves physical contact. Instructors will often need to make hands-on contact to adjust students’ alignment and to demonstrate proper motion.
  • Student Health Conditions – Students should keep the faculty informed of any recent illnesses, injuries, or other conditions that may interfere with their classwork.
  • Tardiness – Arriving late to class can be disruptive to other students and distract from the focus of a learning atmosphere. If you arrive 15 minutes past the start time of class, it is up to the instructor’s discretion to have you join the class or only observe. If arrival is beyond 15 minutes late, there will be no makeup class arrangement.
    • Dance is a physical activity that requires the body to be warmed up in order to execute movement safely.  Late students miss the proper warm-up and therefore may be at risk for an injury.
    • Students who arrive more than 10 minutes late may be asked to observe class for reasons of personal safety.
  • Class Changes – Changing into a different group class can be done only through the joint authorization of the teacher whose class the student is leaving and the teacher of the class the student would like to join.
  • To ensure your children’s safety, we ask parents of children in preschool to stay at the studio during their class time.
  • Students age 10 and older must be picked up no more than 10 minutes after their class is completed. Parents picking up their children beyond 15 minutes after class has ended will be charged $15.00.
    • For every 15 minutes thereafter, additional increments of $15.00 charges will apply. If you anticipate arriving late, please inform the Purdance office of your arrival time.
  • We appreciate a courtesy call to the Purdance office at (408) 444-LEAP if you anticipate being late to a class or missing a class that is part of a program.