Alex Flores has always had a love for dance and music. It wasn’t until 2005, when he became Prince Ali, that he began his journey in the art of Popping. He delved into the roots of the San Jose popping style and learned from seasoned vets such as Spacewalker and Money B. He then endeavored to absorb the southern California popping style by learning from Midnight, an original Los Angeles popper and street performer since the late 70s. After refining his skills in dance battles in the California street dance scene, in 2009 he was inducted into Playboyz Inc, a dance group established in 1981 that has preserved the south Bay style of dance known as “San Jose Strutting.” Prince Ali's mission is “to preserve the dance and its roots but to also implement that into my character. Without foundation, there is no platform for us to become ourselves.” Prince Ali teaches and specializes in original popping style, techniques, flavor, mentality, and attitude. “Dance gave me freedom. And that is something that I would wish for everyone to have. Freedom.”

Teaching Philosophy

"One of the most empowering aspects of learning is making sure people enjoy what they are delving into. I love to engage with my students so that they may understand the techniques on a personal level. We can all learn by drills and 8-counts, but most importantly we all must learn by implementing those skills in a real dance setting. I breaks down movements and techniques then works with my students so that they become free with their dance."