Ashley Dinger has always had a passion for dance. She began her formal training as a freshman at Valley Christian High, first falling in love with the style and culture of Hip Hip. Embracing all dance styles, Ashley has expanded her training to include Jazz, Lyrical, contemporary, Broadway Jazz, Contact Improve, Modern, and Ballet. While on her high school's dance team (Vivid Dance Company) she received the Alvin Ailey dance award for heart and choreography as a dance student. She has also trained at NorCal Dance Arts, Dance Attack, and has been a member of several hip hop teams including A-Youngin and Future Shock San Jose. Currently, Ashley has received her AA degree in Dance and Communications. She was also one of the few dancers selected to attend a college dance festival called ACDFA. In the fall of 2014 she will begin attending San Jose State University to earn her BA in Dance, with a double minor in Communications and Business. Along with the love of dance, she loves ANYTHING chocolate and peanut butter. In the future, she one day wants to open her own performing arts and recreational youth center to allow youth to use different art forms as their voice and way of speaking without words to show who they are and how they feel. She is passionate about teaching dance to kids, teens and adults and desires to inspire her students not only in dance but also to success in life.

Teaching Philosophy

"When teaching, I want the dancers to know that dance is more then just movement but it is communication with your body. I also believe that dance is not only for ourselves, yet it is worship. When teaching dance, I want the dancers to know who they are, understand their body, understand and know the technique behind their movements, but most of all to have fun and express who they are as individuals. Just like the Martha Graham wrote, 'Great dancers aren’t great because of their technique, but they are great because of their PASSION.' This quote is truly my philosophy as a dance teacher."