During an orientation at UC Berkeley, Brian witnessed love at first sight. He saw a group of college students dancing to Usher's "Yeah" freely outdoors and immediately wanted to partake. Although he did not know how to dance at the time, he knew that it was something he had to do. He became a dancer and choreographer for student organization Danceworx for 3 years and continued to dance after having graduated with groups outside including Project Em, Expressive Doubt SF, Wrawsome, and Groove Against the Machine. He feels very fortunate to have danced and performed with these groups at some of the biggest dance stages like Vibe, Body Rock, and Battlefest 360. He is excited to embark on a new journey of teaching dance, where he can give back to the community.

Teaching Philosophy

"I believe that everyone, including the ones who think they have two left feet, have a natural rhythm and it is my job to help you unleash that rhythm if you haven't done so already through the form of kpop dance. I will guide you through the process of movement control, musicality, and timing step-by-step. Patience is my strength so don't be afraid to speak up when you feel lost! At the end of the class, I hope to leave you feeling inspired and having fun dancing at a place you're not supposed to."