Huy "AftaShock" Dao is a self-taught dancer of 10 years and going. Down the road of being self-taught, he also got the opportunity to attain knowledge and experience from other well known dancers. His main strengths in the dance world are B-boying and Krump. He loves to give back to his community through the arts of dancing. He love teaching others the vast amounts of knowledge about my art forms. Seeing others being uplifted through his classes is the best feeling he could ever obtain.

Teaching Philosophy

"I believe in teaching class based on my students. This class is not only MY class, but also the class of the students/attendees. I teach a structured class, but I always alter my lessons based on the type of people and level of students who attend my classes. I don't believe in any ONE way of teaching because everyone is different from one another. I want my students to leave my class with not just a new level of dance skills, but a whole new perspective on themselves as a person. Everyone should be able to always learn more about themselves through any form possible."