Jardy Santiago began dancing hip hop in the mid 1990s. He danced with the San Francisco based all-styles dance crew, Soul Sector, for ten years. Jardy is credited as one of the first house dance educators to teach New York house dance foundation in the Bay Area. He currently teaches at In The Groove Studios, Dance Attack, and City Dance in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2006 he competed at Juste Debout in France. In 2009, he won New York's Dance Delight and went on to compete in the finals in Japan. He was a guest performer at House Dance International New York and headlined the San Francisco Hip Hop Dancefest for five consecutive years. Jardy has performed at Beat Box's 10 year anniversary in Japan. He has performed, facilitated lectures, and taught House Dance workshops in the U.S., Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, and India. He continues to spread the history and knowledge of House dance culture through social media. Since 2009, he has created over 70 educational house dance videos. He has over 20,000 Youtube subscribers, of which many are his former students from his workshops overseas. Jardy occasionally returns to the Philippines to further educate the House dance scene that he jumpstarted in 2008.

Teaching Philosophy

"I am best known for my style and execution, which are clearly the focus of my classes. At the same time, I encourage students to find their own identity in dance, which gives my classes a laid back, fun, yet challenging vibe. I believe that everyone learns at their own pace, so I have dedicated my time to mastering the art of teaching classes with students of varying skill levels."