Kpop Performance team

SuPUR-K: K-Pop Performance Team

Our K-Pop Performance Team, SuPUR-K,  is designed specifically for serious minded students, who desire to train in multiple styles with rigor and focus; as well as have a passion for performance and artistic expression within dance. Students in the K-Pop Performance Team will have the opportunity to perform in various community events and shows. The purpose and mission of our Performance Team is to provide exposure and preparation for the professional world of dance.

Physical development in dance is contingent upon continued practice and focus. We want to ensure that you are enthusiastic and committed towards your personal growth in dance and it is up to you to demonstrate a strong work ethic and positive attitude.

By being a part of the K-Pop performance team you will have a greater sense of community by dancing with the same group of people week to week, be given the opportunity to perform at local events throughout the year, be involved in a Video Shoot, and be featured in two of Purdances’ annual productions.

Please contact Vanessa at for any questions regarding the K-Pop Performance Team!