Chidren & Teen Polices

Dress Code

Purdance believes that having a dress code will greatly benefit children by helping students focus on dance discipline, proper body alignment, placement and dance etiquette in classrooms. Purdance’s Children and Teens Program attire promotes unity, mutual growth and spirit among our young dancers. The set of standard clothing worn by the students will also enable instructors to guide a dancer’s alignment and positioning to prevent any risk of injuries.

Students are required to follow the dress code. A student who continually refuses to follow the dress code may be asked to sit out of class.

Be sure to label all shoes with first and last name.

Classical Style


1. Girls:
Pink Leotard, Pink Tights, Hair in Ballet Bun, Dance Shoes, Skirts are Optional

2. Boys:
White Top, Black Tights / Shorts, Dance Shoes


1. Girls:
Black Leotards, Pink / Nude Tights, Hair in Ballet Bun, Dance Shoes (Dance Teacher Approved), Skirt / Shorts (Dance Teacher Approved)

2. Boys:
White Top, Black Tights / Shorts, Dance Shoes (Dance Teacher Approved)

HIp Hop Styles


Any type of clothing that allows the body to move freely. NO JEANS OR SKIRTS. Dance shorts or leggings must be worn underneath loose shorts of basketball shorts. Separate indoor dance shoes are required. No open toed or loose shoes.


In order to ensure proper and simultaneous progression between students, we will not be accepting students to enroll in recital participating classes in the middle of the season. Students must now be enrolled for a full academic year. (August-June)

Tuition Polices and Fees

Automatic Monthly Tuition Payment Policies : Monthly tuition is processed by automatic payment on the 1st of every month by payment method of a Checking Account/ACH or Credit Card payment on your Purdance account. There will be no prorate for days that the studio is closed such as holidays etc. (please see the calendar).  Tuition rates are based on a 4-week average of classes per month. Some months have 5 weeks and some months have 3 weeks. Our goal is to provide 38-41 weeks of instruction time from August through June. The tuition is always the same throughout the season regardless of the number of classes in the month. There will be no partial month payments. A student may be dismissed from class at any time due to non-payments. Classes are non-transferable and non-refundable. Missed classes are not prorated or redeemable for cash. 

Registration Fees: An annual registration fee will be collected at the time of enrollment for classes and is non-refundable. The fee is applied to the current season, regardless of the date of enrollment.. The registration is a flat, set rate for families. The fee will apply to families with one child or more at the time of enrollment.

Reactivation Fee: If you are pulling your child from Purdance, but return during the same season, a $20 reactivation fee will be charged accordingly. Students that are reactivated will be evaluated to see if their skills are still qualified to take the same class as before or placed in a new class.

Credit Card Processing FeeCredit card payments will be charged a 2.5% surcharge.

Late Fee: Payments made after the 1st will be subjected to a $30 late fee after the 10th of the month.

Payment Decline: Any automatic payments that are denied by your bank company will be subject to a $30 fee. To avoid any charges, notify Purdance in advance if you anticipate any changes in your payment method.

Contract Termination

In order to withdraw a child from any class and terminate the contract and automatic payment set up, parents must fill out a withdrawal request form by the 10th of the current month for the following month. Example: If you wanted to withdrawal your dancer for the month of May you would need to submit the withdrawal from by the 10th of April. If failure to do so, accounts will continue to be charged for the following months. Parents cannot make changes on their account, they must fill out the withdrawal request form. Withdrawal requests sent via email, phone, social media will not be processed.


Missed classes are non-refundable.

Make-up classes are offered for ONLY the following legitimate circumstances: illness with a doctor’s note and family emergencies.

If parents notify Purdance of the child’s absence after the class has already begun and completed, we consider it as a missed class and there will be no makeup class arrangement.

Only one make up class is allowed in 30 days and must be “made-up” within the 30 days. Make-up classes do not carry over the next 30 days.

If a child is sick and the teacher and parent agree that it is best for the child to observe the class, it is considered attendance and there will be no make-up class arrangement. Observation is also an important part of the learning process.

Make-up classes require approvals from both the teacher and the Purdance administration.

Make-up classes are not allowed during the recital preparation period of March – June of the academic year.

How to Proceed with Make-up Classes.

      • Step 1: Email info@purdance.com or call the office to arrange the make-up class.
      • Step 2: Fill out Make-Up Form at the front desk
      • Step 3: Pick up a Make-Up Slip from the front desk and give to the teacher.
Class Change

In order to enroll into another class or switch between two classes, parents must fill out an Add/Subtract form in person by the 10th of the month. Changing into a different class can be done only through the joint authorization of the teacher whose class the student is leaving and the teacher of the class the student would like to join. Parents cannot make changes online, they must come to the studio.

General Policies
    • No Street Shoes – Students are to bring indoor dance shoes and change into the shoes upon arrival at the studio. Street shoes are not permitted inside the studios because dirt and pebbles can create sharp, sticky and/or slippery hazards to fellow dancers. All dance shoes must be worn only inside the studios
    • Lost & Found – Purdance is not liable for any loss or damages to your personal belongings.
    • Photography & Videography – It is understood that Purdance reserves the right to use any photography and/or videotaping of classes and student performances for purposes of advertising and promotion of the studio. All ownership, copyright, title and interest in photography/videotaping belongs exclusively to Purdance. If you would like to keep your dancers appearance private please let the Purdance Staff know at the front desk and we will honor your privacy.
    • No Food, Soft Drinks and Chewing Gum – There will be no food, soft drinks and chewing gum permitted in the studio. Bringing your own water bottle to class is allowed.
    • Arrival Time – Class will start promptly at the designated time. We suggest arriving 10 minutes early to attend classes, change your shoes, use the restroom, warm up, and prepare yourself for class.
    • Class Cancellations – Should there be any cancellation or changes to your regularly scheduled class time, we will do everything possible to notify you by phone, email, or other contact information that you have provided to us. Please note if you enroll your dancer online with less than 24 hour notice we cannot guaruntee the class will go due to enrollment and teacher availability. We will do our best to notify you if that is the case.
    • Class Changes – Changing into a different group class can be done only through the joint authorization of the teacher whose class the student is leaving and the teacher of the class the student would like to join.


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