Memberships & Prices

Join an Annual Adult Program membership today!

Basic Membership

Annual Basic Memberships are only $15 per year and class packages expire within 30 days.

Star Membership

Annual Star Memberships are only $30 per year and entitles you to the following benefits:

Star Membership buys you time

Who doesn’t love extra time? An extra 90 days to be exact. With membership, you get tons of flexibility because you can use your class cards anytime within 90 days. 

Membership saves you cash

Members receive a 10% discount off Purdance Spirit Gear apparel. That means more cool clothes in your closet and more bills in your pocket. The discount is not applicable to dance costumes and mandatory class attire purchases.

Membership is good for your social life

You know that best friend you can’t do anything without? Members get one guest pass every month for your special guest, new to Purdance, to jam out with you.

Drop-In Rates

Non-Membership Rate $26
Membership Rate $23

Are you coming into town or just want to stop by the studio for a class? Sign up through the Purdance Go App for a drop in. Guaranted fun for your spontanous trip to Purdance!

Just want to take a class and already have a membership with us? Sign up on our Purdance Go App for a drop in!

Membership Class Cards

Membership class cards will require a purchase of a basic or star membership.

Single Class
$ 23

4 Class Cards
$ 84

8 Class Cards
$ 160

12 Class Cards
$ 216

16 Class Cards
$ 272

$ 297

Non-Membership Class Cards

Single Class
$ 26

4 Class Cards
$ 92

8 Class Cards
$ 176

12 Class Cards
$ 240

16 Class Cards
$ 304

$ 315

Prices for In-studio & Outdoor Classes!

Classes: Please sign up classes 24 hours prior to scheduled time.  Class cancellation requires 24 hours prior to class starting time.

In-Studio Classes: Due to Covid 19 circumstance, the room capacity is limited. Please secure your spot one day prior to scheduled class time.