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Purdance provides students with dance experiences that celebrate the individual growth and the creative process. We are dedicated to providing high quality, rigorous training in a non-competitive environment. Our classes are designed to encourage personal expression, mastery of technique and a positive body image. We feel that dance is for everyone because it is a fundamental component of human nature that when nurtured and trained, represents a pinnacle of human expression which allows us to reflect upon the world in motion around us. Individualized instruction, dynamic instructors, encouraging atmosphere, robust programs and performance opportunities are essential elements in helping students reach their full artistic potential.

Purdance began as a dream to build a lifestyle dance complex where people who simply love to dance can unite and be transformed by movement, music and communal support. Now a reality, this studio is an artistic community for artists to engage their passions through creative exploration, freedom of self-expression, foundation of techniques and exposure to new styles and stimulating collaborations. Once you step foot into Purdance, we hope any of your stresses are left at the door. We strive to create a happy and healthy dance culture that is supportive, respectful and fun. Our hope is that you always leave our studio refreshed and newly inspired. 

Our Studio

Purdance is home to over 500 students every week in our 6 custom built studio rooms! With 7,735 square feet of dance space, the possibilities are endless.