recital 2021

Our Pur-Family can’t wait to welcome you and child(ren) into our studio and begin to help shape their bright future(s). Moving into the new year, we are getting started right away on our June recital. Here is some general information below.

The Children & Teens Annual Recital is a wonderful opportunity for our students to perform and showcase their talents in front of a live audience in a professional production. We believe that performing is a key part of a well-rounded dance program. The rehearsal process alone is a valuable experience because it helps to develop retention skills and creates a model for collaboration. Learning the importance of working in a positive environment towards a common goal is a great life skill to possess. Performance opportunities can help to prepare a student set everyday routines, raise their self-confidence and improve their abilities to work in a team. We encourage you to invite your friends and family to cheer your child on as he/she proudly shares their growth in the dance art form!