Children and Teens Program

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Step 1 – To expedite your registration process at the studio, sign up for an online account.

Step 2 – Parents, fill out your information first and then add your child’s information.

Step 3 – Call the studio at 408-444-LEAP (5327) and we’ll help you find the right classes for your child!






Why choose dance for your kids?

Introducing dance to children at an early age has wonderful physical and cognitive benefits. Children can grow and learn in many ways through movement, music and rhythm. Physically, dancing exercises muscle groups and eye-hand coordination, improves posture, and increases agility. Learn more >>


Why choose Purdance?

To cultivate an environment where our young students will discover music + rhythm, gain self-confidence + poise, feel inspired by creativity + imagination, and engage in learning through healthy curriculum.
Purdance believes in providing dance training that practices discipline and positive attitude. Let’s nourish self-expression, grace and passion within a fun atmosphere.
Age-appropriate music, choreography and costumes.
Smaller classrooms will give your students more individualized attention.




Exploration for Tots

These classes will introduce a magical world of imagination, rhythm, music, and creativity to your little one.



For our young movers, these classes will develop proper technique, rhythm, grace, coordination and communication skills.



Dance training to shape proper alignment, coordination, positive body image, musicality, self-confidence and emotional expression.

Adults Program

Be a part of a community of dancers of all levels



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Step 1 – To expedite your registration process at the studio, sign up for an online account.

Step 2 – Sign up for classes directly from our Adults Program schedule.

Step 3 – Call the studio at 408-444-LEAP (5327) if you have any questions. We’d be happy to help you find the right class to fit your interests!




Creativity. Diversity. Community. Culture.


  • Offering tradition and modern performing arts styles: Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, African Dance

  • Featuring street styles: Hip Hop Choreography, Old School Hip Hop, Contemporary Hip, B-boying/B-girling, House, Krumping, Locking, Popping, Waacking, K-POP

  • Fun dance fitness classes: Yoga, Conditioning and Stretching, U-JAM

  • Workshops, Performances, and Dance Teams

  • Open sessions to practice your craft or collaborate with other dancers

  • Welcoming staff and atmosphere

  • Modern facility with a comfortable environment

  • Performance opportunities